Creative use of dull days

It's easy to look out the window on an overcast day and feel uninspired.  However if you wait for sunshine to arrive, your chances of success here in England are poor before you even start.  With this in mind I set out, determined to make the most of a dull day.  While autumn has been gathering her thoughts, summer has been busy putting on a late show. 

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The wonderful gardens at Anglesey Abbey provide a lovely stomping ground for anyone wishing to enjoy this.

Overcast days may lack drama and contrast, but the light is soft and even. Combined with judicious lens selection, I was sure there were interesting photos to be had.

Photographer and author, David duChemin, whose work I admire greatly, is a firm advocate of wielding the camera with vision and intent.  "What is the photographer trying to say here?" he asks. "What do you want to say?"

This is not always easy.  Wandering around snapping any old thing is a path with less resistance.  Also, if you don't state your intention, it's harder for others to judge your work a failure.  No matter - judge away dear viewer.  What I had in mind here, was to create a painterly look in the camera without the use of Photoshop plugins.  

To create this effect, I combined the soft light from the overcast day with an 85mm lens, wide open at F1.8.  Not great for maximum detail such as you might expect in a biology textbook, but just what I was after here. 

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If nothing else, I hope this post inspires you to pick up your camera, get out the door and make the most of what the day has to offer.