Hello 2015 - some New Year objectives

"Wow, it's the end of January already. How did that happen?" How often have you heard that? Well, determined not to let the days slip by without achieving anything productive, I thought I'd kick off with a blog post and see if we can't keep this ball rolling.

So, a few objectives for 2015. I won't call them resolutions because resolutions normally involve quitting something you like, or doing more of something you don't......

  • See my first opera. A friend who knows about these things recommended Puccini's Tosca as a good starting point. Apparently for maximum enjoyment, you need to have an idea about the plot, and ideally have a passing familiarity with the music.
  • Blog more regularly - and perhaps more frequently. On the 1st of the month every month for example. Fortnightly would be good but at this point in time is perhaps unrealistic....
  • Continue to declutter. I don't have a vast amount of clutter, but bits and bobs do accumulate over time. The guiding principle behind the 2015 decluttering is going to be, "If you wouldn't bother to replace it following a house fire, then it should go." I really want a nice, tight, lean, streamlined set of quality stuff rather than all kinds of things accumulated in a haphazard manner.
  • Learn more about flash photography. It's something of a black art to me now. I want to be confident how to use it in a variety of situations.

That should do for now. We can reconvene in late December and judge my success! Just to add some visual interest to the post, and because I mentioned flash photography, I leave you with this cat, who did not particularly like being flashed but was too lazy to move......Happy 2015!

Click for enlargement