Great news - I did no better with 2015's resolutions than you did!

What-ho, and welcome to 2016.  I do hope that you've had a good time over the last couple of weeks.

To start the ball rolling for the New Year, a quick review of my 2015 objectives and how I got on.  If you want the short version - the success rate was low.  This time last year I intended to:

  • See my first opera.  Total failure.  Didn't even look into it in the end.
  • Increase frequency and regularity of blog posts.  Six blog posts with gaps between them of between 2 and 6 months.  Hardly prolific.  Audience highly frustrated...:P
  • Learn more about flash photography.  See results for opera.
  • Continue to declutter - actually good success here.  In a society where accumulation is unavoidable, this job will never be over, but I own fewer things now than I did this time last year, and there is more space in the house.

Should one feel bad about these things?  IMHO, no, not in the slightest.  The intent seemed genuine enough at the start of 2015 but on the basis that in general people do what they want to do, I must conclude that perhaps I didn't want these things very much.

From a photographic perspective, 2015 was not an A+ kind of year.  (Although in many other senses it was great.) I had high hopes of significant progress in terms of skill, vision, and output quantity.  In truth, I can claim very little progress on any of these fronts.

Instead the first half of the year was spent deliberating replacements for my ailing Nikon D90.  After disproportionate agonising on the subject, I decided to switch to the Olympus OM-D E-M1.  There's too much to say on this - it needs it's own blog post - but let's say the jury is still out.

Anyway, that meant a lot of time, which could have been spent out shooting, was spent looking at gear reviews.  What a waste.  Oh well - onward and upwards.  In the words of Winston Churchill, we shall "Keep buggering on".  :-o

Wising you and yours every blessing for 2016.