Struggling for inspiration in NYC

How is it possible to struggle for photographic inspiration in New York?  I'm not sure but I do struggle nonetheless.  It's just so...everything...all at once.  I find myself unable to capture the enormity of the buildings, the heat in the summer, the cold in the winter, the noise, the smells.  Obviously photography is purely a visual medium but it has to be possible to hint at these things - I just haven't succeeded yet.  

Then there's the people - so many interesting characters but let me just come out and say it - I'm afraid to point a camera at them in case I get screamed at - New York style: "Hey Jackass, are you gonna stick that camera up your ass or do I need to do it for you?"

It's very easy to just end up with the usual touristy shots - I have many sets of these!

On this latest visit, after many boring frames, I decided to focus on traffic.  Most of these shots were crap too.  However, I do have one that I'm happy with, which I share with you now.

What's your experiece of shooting big cities?  Any advice?  Or do you have some other setting where the images you come home with just don't reflect what you're trying to capture?  Let's hear all about it in the comments below.

Taxi on Park Avenue, Manhattan. Click for enlargement.