Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

Friday 8th August was day 1 of RIAT 2016 - here are some images from a phenomenal day of flying. 

I've been attending airshows since my youngest days and am quite used to what can be expected from the fast jets.  However what I was not expecting, was the Airbus A400M, which produced some of the most impressive display flying I have ever seen.

This was also my first time watching the F35 Lightning II and the F22 Raptor, so that was very cool.

From a photography perspective, the Canon EOS 80D proved absolutely phenomenal, particularly in conjunction with the 200mm F2.8L prime lens.  (Equivalent focal length due to the cropped sensor worked out at 320mm).  The autofocus was fast and bang on, time after time.

I hope you enjoy these photos.  Click for enlargements and please feel free to comment.