Summer Days Fishing Away

With temperatures this week struggling to get above 5C, summer is but a fading memory.  Fortunately I have a nice collection of photos to remind me....On what was without doubt the best day of the year weather wise, my family and I discovered Wells Next the Sea in Norfolk. 

I say discovered - it seems everyone around here was in on the secret but no one was talking - and who can blame them? The size of the beach as the sea retreated over a mile, the size of the sky, the depth of the blue....what a stunning day.

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Dawn over Greenland

On a recent flight from Seattle WA to London, I was lucky enough to witness dawn over Greenland.  The colours changed continuously from an hour before sunrise, until the sun was high in the sky.

Anglesey Abbey deconstructed

Deconstruction is a technique which I read about last year on the Warehouse Express Photography Guides page last year.  It appealed to me back then but I didn't have enough images of any one place to make it work.  Today I finally sat down and put together some of the images I've been collecting of Anglesey Abbey, just outside Cambridge.

It took a while to learn how.  I am something of a Photoshop boob/noob, so almost every aspect of the process involved using a new (to me) technique.  What's been surprising is just how much work it is in Photoshop to put this type of image together.  Photogrid for iOS involves nothing more than choosing the source files and selecting a style.  This is really where the power of mobile computing and small single purpose apps comes into its own.  Sure - if you can imagine it, Photoshop can create it - but for the average consumer who just wants to put out something cool, it's an unfriendly behemoth.

Anyway, have a look and do let me know what you think in the comments below.

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