Summer Days Fishing Away

With temperatures this week struggling to get above 5C, summer is but a fading memory.  Fortunately I have a nice collection of photos to remind me....On what was without doubt the best day of the year weather wise, my family and I discovered Wells Next the Sea in Norfolk. 

I say discovered - it seems everyone around here was in on the secret but no one was talking - and who can blame them? The size of the beach as the sea retreated over a mile, the size of the sky, the depth of the blue....what a stunning day.

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An afternoon of golden sunshine in Rio

Barra is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro. It’s also quieter and safer than the trendy tourist spots such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

However this is still Rio – which means that the beach is the place to see and be seen. In the middle of a summer’s day, the heat is almost unbearable and only the super committed (or should that be committable?) sun tanners are out on the beach. Come an hour before sunset though and the sun loses its sting, instead bathing everything in warm golden light.

This is what I hope you get a sense of in these images.

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